Why do you live in Chicago... in February?

Because Chicago is the greatest city ever! We have a lake that acts like an ocean, incredible restaurants, amazing architecture and a midwest state-of-mind. Bonus: most of our friends and family are nearby.

If you could have your last meal on earth at a Chicago restaurant, which would you choose?

This has been a passionate discussion in our home time and time again. There will be many posts on Chicago restaurants to come, but... if I had to commit to one location for my last glorious meal, I would choose Bavette's. I would over-indulge on French 75s, the smoked trout caesar, Maude's seafood tower, a bone-in dry-aged ribeye, garlic mashed potatoes with chicken jus, elotes, pomme frites and bubbles for dessert. It's my last meal. Don't judge.

Did you really enjoy all aspects of planning your own wedding?

Yes! I had the best time planning our wedding, and I'm so sad it's over. It's very surreal to see all of your hard work and dedication materialize in front of you. Not to mention you are seeing it all unfold while marrying the best person on the planet for you! I could get lost in the little details for hours and am always entranced by the design and flow of a great event.

Do you have any advice for the freshly engaged?

Yes, plenty! In short, start organized and stay organized, be gracious to your vendors, stay true to the two of you, and don't lose sight of why you are doing all of this. I shared my advice for the newly engaged over at my beautiful friend AJ's blog. She's a gem, and you should have her do your hair. Also, head to my "Weddings" section to follow along on all things bridal.

What are some of the best cities you have visited?

Seattle, Washington (beautiful city on the water with plenty to do) // Montreal, Quebec (transports you to France via a 3-hour flight) // Punta Mita, Mexico (where we honeymooned and ate the best tacos ever) // San Francisco, California (it has great character and built-in-unavoidable exercise) // Denver, Colorado (home to some of my favorite people and the sun is always shining) // Barcelona, Spain (no explanation needed) // And yes... they all have amazing food.

What made you start a blog?

I am lucky to have a really good 9-5 job. It's steady, I work with wonderful people and it comes with a lot of perks. But I was missing the creativity and design I enjoyed while planning our wedding. This blog allows me to fill my free-time with purpose and immerse myself in the things that I love. And who doesn't want to share all of their passions with the world and make new (not to mention talented) friends along the way? I encourage you all to find out what makes you tick and put yourself out there!